Possibility to modify the DEX oauth2 callback url

  • 26 February 2024
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trying to see if I can get AIMMS (running locally on my computer) to talk to one of our internal authenticated API endpoints, but running into a problem with the callback url.

In the documentation, I see that the callback URL aimms will use locally is http://localhost/oauth2. However, when I run it from my own computer, I see it is actually using http://localhost:8080/oauth2.

Both of these unfortunately are not on the list of approved callback urls….

Since I am not the owner of the application that I trying to call, it is quite difficult for me to request a new URL to be added to the list of approved URLs. 

There is a local developer URL already approved and would like to make AIMMS use that particular one. The URL that is approved is http://localhost:3000/login/azure/authorized

Is there any way I can make AIMMS use this particular callback URL instead of the current hardcoded (which also is different from the documentation).


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6 replies

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Hi! DEX and up allows you to configure the port of the callback URL via the parameter dex::oauth::WebUIOAuthCallbackPort. Let us know if this helps!

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Hi Roxanna,


from what I see, this only allows me to modify the port number. That is one part of the problem that I need indeed. However, the other part that I need to change is the path in the URL.

For the particular case I was looking at, I have been able to have people add the path ( /oauth2 ) to the list of approved callback urls. However, for other applications I might not be able to have people change that.

Next to the possibility of changing the port (using the parameter WebUIOAuthCallbackPort ), could it be possible to add also a string parameter like webUIOAuthCallbackPath that would have default value /oauth2, but that would allow me to change it to a custom (already approved callback url path) like /login/azure/authorized ). 

This way, if I am developing an AIMMS app that needs to communicate with an existing API endpoint for which the developers have already created an approved callback url for local development based on a localhost url, I can easily link to this API from the aimms application without having to request any changes in the setup of the existing api

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DEX implements this. You can configure it via dex::api::OAuth2CallbackPath

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Awesome, thanks @MarcelRoelofs 

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One quick question about that new parameter, is there a specific reason that it is under a different module than the port parameter (that is under dex::oauth, while this is under dex::api)?

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Because that's where the other configuration parameters for the built-in webserver are as well :)


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