Adding leading time, phasing in capital and economic life to a generation capacity expansion planning model

  • 21 December 2020
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Good day,


I have an electricity capacity expansion planning model which was developed in AIMMS and is working fine. However, now I need to add the following:

  1. Lead times, which differ for each technology. Currently, the model assumes that if a technology is selected by the model, it can produce electricity as soon as the model makes it available for capacity allocation. I need this to change and the model should make the technology’s capacity available after the lead time has expired.
  2. Phasing in capital, which also differ for each technology. The current model assumes that the capital for a chosen technology is payable immediately. The phasing in capital are connected to lead times. For example if a technology has a lead time of 2 years, the phasing in capital is also over 2 years, say 90% of capital is payable in year 1 and 10% in year 2. I need the capital for each technology to be phased in according to the phasing in capital percentages. 
  3. Life of plant (Economic life), which also differ for each technology. The planning period begins in 2013 to 2050. However, certain renewable technologies have shorter economic life, hence it is important to add this parameter.

   On the attached model, I have already added the leadtimes and lifeofplant parameters, as show in the Figure 1. However, I was unable to add a parameter for phasing in capital. The excel input data is on the same folder as the model. There is a worksheet called phasing in capital on the input data file.

Figure 1

I would appreciate your assistance. I am supposed to have my model with the above 3 parameters and working fine by beginning of January 2021.


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