Error when importing percentage data from Excel to an AIMMS model

  • 26 December 2020
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I have been trying to import the phasing in capital data which is in the attached Excel file. I have added the identifiers on the attached word file. The data I am importing has numbers which I want AIMMS to convert to percentages.

On my side the PhasingInCapital is a worksheet inside the Input Data workbook. Here is the error:

ExcelSetActiveSheet(Input Data.xlsx, PhasingInCapital) failed: Workbook doesn't contain the specified sheet. Invalid index.

I have imported a lot of data files from Excel, I am not sure what am I doing wrong this time.

Please assist.


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2 replies

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Hello @Mantombi , believe the identifier ExcelworkbookName is pointing to file “Input data.xlsx” which does not have this sheet “PhasingInCapital”, which is in the attached file “PhasingInCapital.xlsx”.


You can try copying this sheet into Input data.xlsx or, update the ExcelworkbookName to point to PhasingInCapital.xlsx and open that file. 

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Or check if the sheet name has spaces - “Phasing in Capital”


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