Help us test a new tool to automatically generate AIMMS code

  • 17 March 2021
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Help us test a new tool to automatically generate AIMMS code
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Hi, Community members,


I'm excited to share a new online tool that has been developed by Dowon Lee, a graduate student in Industrial & Systems Engineering at the Univ. at Buffalo, with the generous support of AIMMS.


tex2solver generates AIMMS code from LaTeX, or even pictures of an optimization model.  In addition to generating AIMMS code, tex2solver also works with Python (using the PuLP package).  


I'm posting to the Community forum:

  1. To publicly thank AIMMS for their support of this project;
  2. To let the AIMMS user community know about the free tex2solver tool; and 
  3. To ask for your assistance to help us test tex2solver.

Regarding the last point, tex2solver is still in its development phase.  Your feedback is very valuable to help us find bugs and add new functionality.  Registration is easy (and free) at   


In return, we hope that tex2solver helps streamline your workflow from conceptualizing a model to solving it in this: 



Happy optimizing,


3 replies


This is very useful. I was wondering is there a road map to create the reverse, using AIMMS code (math model) to generate model documentation.

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Thanks, @gknair !  There is indeed a plan to convert from AIMMS code to LaTeX.   In fact, we have a preliminary version of this functionality that we’ll be making publicly available tomorrow.  I’ll post the link  below as soon as we’ve uploaded the code to our server.

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AIMMS community friends,

Our early-stage implementation of AIMMS-to-LaTeX is now publicly available for testing:


Dowon Lee, our incredibly talented graduate student who has made tex2solver possible, will be working this summer to improve this conversion tool.  Please do let us know if (when) you spot something that isn’t quite right.  Also, please let us know when things work perfectly!  :slight_smile:

As always, we hope this tool helps to make you even more productive.



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