How to delete all elements from a set prior to each execution

  • 8 September 2020
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as the title indicates I’d like to delete all elements from a set prior to each execution. Otherwhise elements from the previous execution are messing up my results. Basically I have a set that will only contain elements under a certain condition, but if it doesn’t it still keeps the elements from the previous execution right now. I tried to fix this by calling empty MySet in the MainExecution, MainInitialization or  PostMainInitialization procedures. This just gives me an error saying “The defined domain set “MySet” cannot be emptied”. I don’t quite understand what’s causing the issue here since the set should already be defined, especially when PostMainInitialization gets run after the initialization completed. Can anyone help me out with this?

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If it’s defined, you cannot change it (it will be determined automatically on the conditions stated). If you like a set that is changeable by user or code, you should not give it a definition but keep it empty at the start (and fill it via a procedural statement or the UI), or give it initial data which it will receive upon startup of the project.

So e.g. the reply I gave you at is about a defined set. Hence, it cannot be changed via a procedural statement (it will be auto-updated). 



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