Not getting correct results for leading times, phasing in capital and life of plant

  • 17 January 2021
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The data for leading times, phasing in capital and life of plant was imported to the model. A new declaration called Lead times was added. It looks like this: 

All the identifiers in the Lead Times declaration are supposed to take care of the leading times, phasing in capital and economic life. However, that is not happening. Ideally:

  1. The new power plants are supposed to be committed any time between 2013 and 2050.
  2. No new capacity is supposed to start at 2013 because of leading times.
  3. Those power plants with life of plant that pass 2050 are supposed to remain active until their corresponding life of plant comes to an end. 
  4. Not all the capital can be taken in one year for new capacity, but a portion per each year of the leading time, according to p_phaseIn parameter.

The attached model, opens on this page:

One will have to:

  1. Click the input data button
  2. Select the scenario analysis, then click solve the scenario button. This solves the deterministic model.
  3. The corresponding results can be viewed in stochastic results section: PlanNewCapacity(t,pl,pt) for new capacity; PlanTotalCapitalCost(t,pl) for capital costs. 

The results I got showed that some if not all of the parameter under the lead time declaration are not working. I am aware that certain parameters are supposed to be extended beyond 2050, however, I don’t think this is the reason why the model is not working correctly.


Your assistance will be appreciated.   

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