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  • 27 May 2019
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Hi, the "objective function" of my program is read as a variable in AIMMS. All the parameters in the objective function already have a data read from excel. My problem is, AIMMS keeps on saying "the scope of index i has not been specified" when I try to specify the index, the program won't run because it will say that the objective function should be a free scalar variable. What should I do?


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Hi @pamjsnn.

Taking a quickly glance at your model, the basic answer is that you can't have a free index (i,j) within your objective function, i.e., you need to use a function to iterate over these indexes if you specify them.

But, in order to give you a complete answer I would need to understand the relation between your variable x(v,k) and the parameter tt(i,j).
  • is tt the transit time between i and j?
  • is k a pair (i,j)?
If so, you could calculate tt(i,j) to tt_calc(k) and use within your statement.

I noticed that you are using min(P) but none of your parameters nor variables depend on it.

Maybe other community member could help you better.
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Seems you are still missing a sum(i, as you have a variable tt(i,j) and the objective needs to become scalar variable. If you open the error (red cross), it should highlight the exact point. In a reproduced similar problem (different model as I do not have yours), this looks like:

BTW (if I may): Looking at some of your identifiers and specifically constraints, you might want to give them some more self-explanatory names (you did that for Sets). This will make the model easier to read and debug (e.g. saying Constraint_12 is infeasible is less intuitive than calling it RespectDemand). Same for objective, is this a Cost, Revenue or so? Also, when you come back later, you are able to read the model-tree and understand what the model does. Just as an illustration:

Thank you so much!


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