Precedence Tasks

  • 26 October 2019
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I couldnt formulize the precedence relation above in my constraints. Could anyone help me with that? I tried to use the Activities for the tasks but didnt know how to use them with constraints

Thanks in advance


5 replies

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If you have start and end time for each activity then you could add a constraint for each precedence relationship. E.g. StartTime(B) >= EndTime(A). Could it work?

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Hi @Melike I wonder, did that help you? Or did you find another way?

Hello, i found another way to make it because i wanted to avoid giving start times and end times.

But it was not really as good as i wanted because i wanted to use the restrictionns afterwards to make the precedence relations so that it is globally used in my model

Thanks  alot anyway

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Hello @Melike, seems you considered using Constraint Programming for this. Are you aware that @Chris Kuip did a few webinars on this? One that has a scheduling app example can be found at the link below and could be helpful for you.






Hello @Gertjan no i didnt know.Thanks a lot for the advice. I will take a look.


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