Save Upper and Lower Bounds from Baron

  • 4 July 2019
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Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

I use the solver Baron for a NLP and solve several problems with an if function in the Main Execution. After a specific time limit is exceeded, I want to save the Upper and Lower Bounds in a file or even better in a Parameter. Is this possible?

Best regards,
Jacqueline Wand

Best answer by Marcel Hunting 5 July 2019, 10:50

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2 replies

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You can obtain the Lower and Upper Bound values by using the math program suffices BestBound and Objective. If you are minimizing then BestBound shows the Lower Bound and the Objective shows the Upper Bound; if you are maximizing then BestBound shows the Upper Bound and the Objective shows the Lower Bound.
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Hi @JWand , just wondering if this thread answered your question, or you found another way? Would you mind to mark the "best answer"? (It helps others understand what to do if they have similar problem.)



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