Scenario Based Refinery Logistics Optimisation

  • 6 May 2023
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Good day,


I am facing difficulties as below when I building the refinery logistics model:

  • Sum up the total cost that includes charter rate and ship consumption cost as per the formula below. Note that the calculation can be found in the “Data.xlsx”
  • Make scenario like one of the ship is not working and total ship will be 3 instead of 4. The model should be able to run the total cost based on diff scenario

The project is about planning the ship route by optimizing the demand fulfilment and total cost from one location to another.


I would like to seek some opinion and guidance for me to move on with this project as I am very new to AIMMS.


Attached is the project model file for your reference and testing.


Do comment if you need more clarification.


Thank you and hope to get some response.

1 reply

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@waisheng hi! Do you still need help on this? If you do, can you share again your project? The .zip file you shared has missing folders.  


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