Simple constraint makes the model infeasible

  • 6 June 2019
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Dear Staff,
I am experiencing a weird behaviour within one of my models implemented in AIMMS.
I have a simple flow model.
Among others, there are the following variables:
F, continous variable
X, continuous variable
The variables do not have lower or upper bounds, so they are free.
Then there are some flow balance constraints in the network (i.e. flow in equal to flow out).

The model works very fine when only variable F is used.
But when I add the following constraint:
F = X
then I get an infeasible solution.
While if I add the constraint

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2 replies

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Without the model it will be hard to help you with this question. Could you please share your AIMMS project?
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Hi Marcel,
thank you for your reply. I am realizing that the message was not entirely uploaded, as a piece is missing.
However, I have been modifying the model now and I am no longer using that version. I think it was something linked to the indicator constraints, but I am no longer using that one so far.
Thank you anyway!

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