Topic of the Month: Using AI and ML with AIMMS

  • 27 April 2022
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Topic of the Month: Using AI and ML with AIMMS
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You may have noticed an item called “Incorporating AI/ML into models” in our recent Roadmap 2022 post. As you probably inferred, that’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning we have in mind.


For more on this topic, see also Gertjan’s post:


Now we want to hear from you about this topic as we consider the possibilities.


How do you (or would you) use machine learning in an AIMMS model?


We would be glad to hear your real life examples or ideas as we develop this concept. The more details about your use case, the better!


First 5 commenters on this post will get 10 trees planted in their name in the AIMMS Forest!


And, of course, all respondents will get our heartfelt appreciation! Even if you don’t have something to say, go ahead and click “like” to let us know you were here ;)



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