• 15 October 2023
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Hallo, ich habe 3 Produkte, von 14 Produzenten, die 3 Zielorten zugeordnet werden müssen. Allerdings kriege ich die richtige Verbindung im Modell nicht hin.

Dazu habe ich 3 Sets. (K=Produkte, i=Produzent, a=Zielort)

Anhand derersten Entscheidungsvariable wird berechnet, welcher Produzent wie viele Mengeneinheiten produziert. (Produktionsvariable)

Diese produzierten Mengeneinheiten sollen dann an die drei Zielorte geliefert werden.

Das Problem ist, dass ich der Bedarf am Zielort über k gesteuert wird. Aber meine Produktionsvariable steuert sich über i.

Wie kann ich denn eine Verbindung modellieren, dass AIMMS versteht, dass i ausgeliefert werden muss, aber das Limit über k gesetzt wird?

Bei Bedarf kann ich gerne Screenshots oder den Code einstellen.

Danke vorab für jede Hilfe!




3 replies

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although there might be some people speaking German on this forum, I think you might have more chances for replies when you write your post in english

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I asked ChatGPT to translate:


Hello, I have 3 products from 14 producers that need to be assigned to 3 destinations. However, I'm having trouble establishing the correct connection in the model.

For this, I have 3 sets. (K=products, i=producer, a=destination)

The first decision variable is used to calculate how many quantity units each producer produces. (Production variable)

These produced quantity units should then be delivered to the three destinations.

The problem is that the demand at the destination is controlled by k. But my production variable is controlled by i.

How can I model a connection so that AIMMS understands that i needs to be delivered, but the limit is set by k?

If needed, I can provide screenshots or the code.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Best regards,

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Hi Younes,


Perhaps the course on our new training platform is interesting and provides you with a starting point of your model.

I'm not sure if there is something lost in the translation of the sentences: 


Admittedly, that formulation does not cater for handling multiple products. Typical reasons to consider multiple products are:

  1. is there a production limitation,
  2. is there a transport limitation,
  3. something else,
  4. or a combination of such restrictions?

If there is no such restriction, you can also consider solving the problem multiple times; once for each product.


Hope this helps,



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