List Widget pre-release available

  • 20 February 2020
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You can now try out the List Widget (by activating the experimental feature) using the pre-release available in the link below. The folder also contains draft documentation, and an example (screen below). In the example a Task List and Legend is created and positioned on a page, or in the side panel. Some actions of the Task List are interactive.


The pre-release, the release conditions, and current documentation can be found here until March 15. Of course, you need to have an actively maintained license to try it out.


Please add your feedback - do include screen dumps as we love to see what you can build - as a reply to this post. Happy building!


PS: An earlier discussion on this topic can be found here:


8 replies

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Hello, @Gertjan! Thank you for providing this pre-release. 

The first use case that I found interesting is using the List Widget to change the visualization of a dashboard page.

I sent you a example video in a private message .

We look forward to using this widget in other parts, for instance, a list of errors and warnings related to the data of the current page. In order to do this, we need to update the list as the user changes the data.


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@splugues , thanks for the example. I got it. Looking forward to getting a live demo :grinning:


It’s now available through our regular releases, see

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Hi, @Gertjan.

It could be possible to rotate the itens on the list widget to horizontal orientation.

This idea works for the use case that we don’t have a lot of itens and they’re fixed.

What do you think?


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@mateusarakawa, thanks for sharing. Can you give a little more background on what you try to achieve? What about grouping? Below two examples where in grouping, I can imagine one likes to have them together (not sure what happens if there are even more groups; each group a ‘column’?), and when there are no explicit groups, I can imagine they would nicely spread (1 row - almost similar to status bar). Is this what you mean (just exploring)? 



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Hi, @Gertjan . Your second image is exaclty what I meant! Thanks for sharing.

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@Gertjan, If I’d have this horizontal orientation (within or without groups) possibility available, I’d use this upon my dashboard, so the user could change the dashboard visualization easily:

Dashboard visualization

If the only orientation possibility is vertical, I’d need to use it on the left side of this page or on the side panel, and I think it’s not the best approach.

Your image examples are not available, right?

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Hi @mateusarakawa , what is the functions of the list in this case? Is it to use it to navigate? If so, there are in our opinion other/better ideas that we have. So can you elaborate on use.

Indeed, the functionally Is not available; it is just a mock-up to understand more about what you asked for.

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Hi, @Gertjan .

We have almost 10 widgets on this page (graphs + tables, etc). The idea is to create groups of widgets and the user can hide or show these groups. Basically, the list widget itens would call a procedure that set a parameter to hide/show the widgets. I would also create a group called “Show all”.

Is there a better and clean way to do this or this function is not that good regarding user experience?  I like the idea of filtering the visualization. Thanks in advance!


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