New in AIMMS Network Design: Custom Costs, Data Validation, Expanded Control Panel, Changes in Excel Data Template

  • 15 October 2020
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New in AIMMS Network Design: Custom Costs, Data Validation, Expanded Control Panel, Changes in Excel Data Template
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The latest AIMMS Network Design release comes with new features and functionality.

Custom Costs


You can now configure custom cost elements to include in the optimization.  These costs can be added at all points in the supply chain where physical costs are incurred. Example use cases are the addition of taxes and duties, carbon costs and inventory holding costs. Watch a demo below. 


Data Validation


We have added some data validation checks in Data Navigator that will pick up common data issues before saving the dataset, so that these can be fixed before running into infeasibility issues in the Network app.  Examples are errors like spelling mistakes and other inconsistencies in the data template, demand greater than supply in the data, no lanes to meet demand, minimum capacity greater than maximum capacity, etc.


Expanded Control Panel


We have expanded the current control panel to give the user more options and control to configure a scenario from the control panel in the browser, instead of having to return to the Excel data template.  For example, it is now possible to switch on minimum and maximum constraints separately from the control panel.  It is also possible to edit key parameters like supply and resource capacities and costs directly from the control panel in the browser.

Excel Data Template


We have made some changes to the Excel data template to make it easier and more intuitive to capture data. For example:

  1. We have changed some column headings to be simpler, more descriptive and more intuitive
  2. We have split DC resources and production resources into separate tabs
  3. We have split transport data into separate tabs for costs, capacities, and trip time and duration data

Despite these changes, it will still be possible to upload old data templates that use the old format, subject to a warning message, so that users do not have to reconfigure old data templates.


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