AIMMS 4.67.1 has just been released (May 27)

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AIMMS 4.67.1 has just been released (May 27)
Main features are the single JSON structure and Gantt Chart improvements for the WebUI.

AIMMS Improvements

  • A new intrinsic procedure GarbageCollectStrings has been added to AIMMS. Calling this procedure may help in reducing the memory in use by AIMMS, when somehow the automatic garbage collect of unused strings does not seem to be triggered. See also the documentation in the Function Reference.
  • The function CopyRange has been added to the AIMMSXLLibrary.

WebUI Improvements

  • We made a fundamental change in the storage of WebUI pages and widgets.
For details, see the New Features page.

  • Minimum and Maximum Resource Height have been introduced for the Gantt Chart. The Minimum Resource Height option adjusts the resource height such that when the height of all resources exceeds the height of the Gantt Chart widget, a vertical scroll bar appears on the right and the user can scroll down in order to see the resources below. When a batch is dragged down, the chart automatically scrolls to reveal the resources below. The Maximum Resource Height option will condense the resources to the set value such that the batches are not spread to fit the size of the Gantt Chart.
  • As of this release, Gantt Chart jobs can now also be resized from the left side in case the duration of the job is editable (i.e. changing the start time while keeping the end time the same). A special cursor will appear if you hover on the sides of the job to signal that you can adjust its duration.
  • There is a new option that allows developers to automatically open the WebUI upon project startup. It can be found in the AIMMS Options dialog in the category Project - Startup & Authorization, and is called Open_WebUI_on_startup.

Resolved AIMMS Issues

  • In a statement like MySet += myElementParameter, the set MySet could incorrectly be modified if myElementParameter contained inactive data. This could happen if myElementParameter had been assigned a certain element but that same element was later removed from the range set of myElementParameter. When using such an element parameter with inactive data in any expression, the element parameter should behave as if it is empty.
  • When running a procedure from the WinUI that ended in a Halt statement, a strange empty error message dialog box popped up.
  • CPLEX errors could be generated if the model contained indicator constraints and the CPLEX option 'Check solution' was switched on.
  • AIMMS crashed if the ShadowPriceRange property was specified for a constraint in a multi-objective optimization model. (Note: sensitivity information is not available for multi-objective optimization models.)
  • The (deprecated) Math Program suffices modelstat and solverstat were no longer updated.

Resolved WebUI Issues

  • If no value was set for the procedure column in the WidgetActions string parameter identifier, none of the widget actions were listed in the widget.
  • Widget actions, bar chart settings, line chart settings and store focus options were not displayed in the Options editor when running a WebUI app on an iPad.
  • After editing a cell in a Table involving a vertical scrollbar, the focus on the current element could be lost (i.e. on a row which scrolled out of focus as a result of the edit).
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