AIMMS 4.82

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AIMMS 4.82

ICYMI: We released AIMMS 4.82 about a month ago. Loaded with improvements, including the following:

  • Downloading widget as an image is now standard functionality and extended to the Map widget
  • The new Application Manager is now standard functionality and will allow you to more easily manage your pages and widgets (including copying and moving widgets between pages).
  • An new selection box is now standard functionality and can support tens of thousands of elements and improves the page load performance significantly, especially if you have many selection boxes on a page. 
  • Procedures can now use identifiers from runtime libraries before they are actually declared.
  • A number of improvement in the math generation options to e.g. determine the feasibility tolerance and to generate stochastic rows for all scenarios.

Check out the details at: or the high level overview at:


Download AIMMS 4.82 via the AIMMS Launcher (preferred), or via the download link at

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