AIMMS 4.85 Feature Release

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AIMMS 4.85 Feature Release

Yesterday we released AIMMS 4.85. It is a release full of new features and improvements, including a new way of theming WebUI Apps, a far more extended Combination Chart widget in the WebUI, a new solver (Octeract) and updates of existing solvers.

For all that’s in, please have a look here here.


Enjoy AIMMS 4.85!


Hello @Mischa ,

Thank you for the information about the latest update of AIMMS, I installed the lates version of AIMMS and I found out that there is no Octeract solver in solver configuration list. How to use this solver in AIMMS?

Hi @rahmat glad to hear you are ready to try out the newest version!

Sorry you’re having trouble getting to Octeract. Are you using an operating system other than Windows, by chance? It’s currently only supported for Windows.

Otherwise, maybe you’ll find help in this page from the docs:

Hello @Jess Es ,

Thank you very much for you suggestion to add a solver manually in to the AIMMS.

However, it seem that my license does not allow to use octeract. Currently, my license is free academic license.

Thank you.

Hi @rahmat ,

You are right, we still need to add this solver to the Academic License. Keep you posted. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Hi @rahmat. Octeract has been added to the free Academic License so you should be able to use it with AIMMS 4.85. Please note that Octeract cannot handle models containing constraints with if-then-else expressions.

Thank you @Marcel Hunting ...

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