Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 will soon be added to each cloud account

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We are in the middle of adding the Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 service to each customer account in the AIMMS Cloud Platform, expecting to roll this out in August 2023. I am giving this heads-up so that you can bear this in mind when working on your projects.

Why are we doing this?

  • It supports the move to Parquet files that we see with an increasing number of customers.
  • For many use cases it is superior, including faster, to using a relational database, in particular when you are working with so-called immutable data sets in your AIMMS apps. 
  • It opens a wide range of integration options, including support for REST services.

How will this impact you?

  • No need to do anything: your apps and optional MySQL application database will continue to function as they are today. 
  • The MySQL service and the PRO storage will remain available. This is an extra option to manage your data.
  • This will ease the integration with other systems to import and export data to and from your AIMMS environment.

Some more details on the 'what’

  • Azure Data Lake Storage easily connects to Databricks, Snowflake, Azure Data Factory, relational databases, PowerBI, etcetera. 
  • Our Data Exchange Library contains a growing number of functions to make it very easy for app developers to connect their model to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2. Check out the release notes and documentation updates for the latest functions. 
  • We will convert SC Navigator from using the MySQL database to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2. No need for customers to do anything there. 
  • Contact our User Support team if you are curious about the potential of this new service for your applications.

Please share your feedback on this step

We are taking this step because of what we saw at some of our customers and we are keen to hear what you think. So please let us know.



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