Data Exchange Library new features

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Data Exchange Library new features

There is a new version of Data Exchange Library (version 1.3) available with various improvements including these two new features:


  • Introduced new annotation-based JSONDocument generator that creates a mapping for a standardized nested JSON document to read and write all data for a given collection of identifiers in a model.
  • Introduced a new function dex::ResetMappingData() to empty all identifiers, sets, and reset counters used in a particular mapping.


In addition to existing row-based formats, the Data Exchange library can now also generate a (nested) document-based format on the basis of model annotations (see


As the generated formats may not be exactly what you’re looking for, we have also outlined how you can modify or extend existing annotation-based formats, or create a completely custom format based on the existing ones.


See Data Exchange Library documentation and roadmap for more details.

And just before Christmas, we added support for the OAuth2 Authorization Code and Client Credentials flows to this version of the Data Exchange library. See:

You can find a video presentation on the new OAuth functionality below:

And also find the slides below:

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