Data Exchange Library released

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Data Exchange Library released

Two weeks ago we release a new library in our online repository call “The AIMMS Data Exchange library


This new library allows mapping multi-dimensional AIMMS data onto tree-based data formats such as JSON, XML or even CSV (as a trivial tree-based format). It does so by letting you describe the repetitive structure of a given JSON, XML or CSV format in a mapping file that you can subsequently use to read data of a given format into multi-dimensional identifiers in your model, or write multi-dimensional data in your model to a given format. If you have an example JSON, XML or CSV file, creating a mapping file with corresponding identifiers in the model to map the data onto is a fairly straightforward process.


The library is primarily intended as a complementary library to the HTTPClient library, allowing you, as a modeler, to interact with REST APIs in formats such as JSON, XML and CSV which are regularly used by REST web services to provide request bodies and/or results. The documentation contains an example project with mappings for the request body and result formats of a couple of well-known geocoding and distance services by e.g. Google and GraphHopper. Obviously, you can also use the library to read and write JSON, XML and CSV files in a standalone fashion.


Please find more details at


To start using the library, go the the File-Menu and open the Library Manager. Select the Data Exchange library from the Repository:



Great! JSON mapping will help us a lot when communicating through REST APIs in the near future. Thanks.

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