Deprecations: R on the AIMMS Cloud and R-Link Library

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Deprecations: R on the AIMMS Cloud and R-Link Library

With the rebuild of our HTTP Client Library to interact with external services that support REST API calls and the new Data Exchange Library, we have decided to deprecate R on the AIMMS CloudWe expect to remove R from our cloud instances by the end of Q1 2021. We are working closely with customers that are using R on the AIMMS Cloud to ensure a smooth transition.

We will also deprecate the R-Link Library to focus on our new vision for data exchange and scripting language support. This will give customers more flexibility and make them less dependent on changes made to the R-Link, as well as requirements on the R-side (for example, the need to install R on every server where AIMMS PRO or a Developer license runs). We do not anticipate removing this library on short notice for existing projects, but expect to make it unavailable for new projects.  

If you use AIMMS in combination with R and have questions or concerns, please contact us or leave a comment below.

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