Early announcement of upcoming new service: deploying Python and other applications inside our cloud platform

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We are currently working on a new service on our cloud platform that we expect to launch in the first half of 2023 and here is a heads-up.


A complete solution for running Python or R applications from within an AIMMS model, on the AIMMS cloud platform.


So that you can extend your AIMMS model with calculations and/or operations in Python or R, leveraging that language’s particular strengths or specific libraries/packages written for those languages, without having to worry about the deployment of that application.

Key Features

  • ‘Turn-key’ solution: includes all you need to provide AIMMS apps to your users that use the power of Python and/or R.
  • Avoids session launch times by allowing repeated calls to a launched session.
  • Reduced development effort by using DEX for exchanging data with the AIMMS model, including format conversion and mapping to model identifiers.
  • Resources (CPU and memory) can be configured to suit the application’s requirements
  • Multiple Python and R versions available, complete with a collection of packages/libraries, to suit app developer needs.
  • Deployed in Docker container. Application to be stored as ZIP file on PRO Storage.

To be aware of

  • This will replace the existing R-link that we can no longer support when we upgrade to a current Linux version.
  • The Python or R application upon launch first needs to establish a REST service end point. We will provide examples for this.
  • Cloud (Azure) only.
  • Automatic session termination after a configurable idle period (default 5’) or session ‘life-time’ (default 1 hr).
  • These services are not part of our regular subscriptions, so please expect additional charges for this service.



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