Evaluate Sustainability Trade-offs in AIMMS Network Design

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Evaluate Sustainability Trade-offs in AIMMS Network Design

You now have the ability to model non-financial objectives, such as carbon emissions and other sustainability goals, in AIMMS Network Design. Using the custom objectives functionality, you can now define objectives in units of measure other than costs (for example, carbon emissions in tons). 

You also have the ability to run scenarios to evaluate the trade-offs between financial and non-financial metrics, and apply to constraints to both, in order to find the right trade-offs between costs and carbon emissions. This is the first release of this functionality, more enhancements and functionality on this topic will follow in future releases.  Please feel free to let us know if you have ideas in this regard by replying to this post, or sharing your ideas in the Ideation section

See a demo and tutorial of this feature in our Network Design user group


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