New Algorithmic Capabilities in AIMMS 4.81

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New Algorithmic Capabilities in AIMMS 4.81

We added some interesting new algorithmic capability features in the latest release, AIMMS 4.81.

  1.  Gurobi Use on the AIMMS Cloud
    So far, you could use Gurobi on desktop licenses and on-premise deployment systems, such as AIMMS PRO. However, the AIMMS Cloud was not able to support this. Thanks to a new licensing mechanism developed by Gurobi Optimization, it is now possible to connect your Gurobi Web Service License to the AIMMS Cloud. For more details, please check our AIMMS Cloud Gurobi support documentation.


  2. Passing Quadratic Structures to Knitro
    We added a new option called “Use Quadratic Structure” to the Solvers General category. If this option is active, quadratic structures are passed to Knitro 12.3 (or higher). Check the AIMMS Help section inside the IDE for more information. 


  3. Creating Block Matrices for Submodels
    If the coefficient matrix of a math program contains several independent block submatrices, then you can use the new function GMP::Instance::CreateBlockMatrices to decompose the math program into several generated math programs, each containing an independent block submatrix. Each of these blocks can be solved separately. By combining the solution blocks, you can obtain a complete solution to the original math program. This approach can be more efficient than solving the full math program at once.
math program with 3 blocks


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