New List Widget

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New List Widget

Dear community,

I like to share that we are currently building a new widget that we have called a List Widget. The idea of this widget is that you can generate a list of (grouped) items to e.g. build up a set of Tasks, develop a custom Legend, or find other means (I am sure you can think of other ways to use this). The items and therefore the widget, can be totally generated from the model (similar to the Status Bar, Page Actions, etc.). 

An illustration and specification can be found below. We look forward to hear your feedback.



Design Examples of List Widget 



! Specification of a list group (e.g. "Today", "This Week", "Legend", etc.)
webUI::ListGroupSpecification === { 'title', 'tooltip' }

! Specification of an item
webUI::ListGroupItemsSpecification === { 'icon', 'color', 'text', 'tooltip', 'procedure', 'external', 'state', }

! Each list group has a specification
MyListGroups(indexInteger,indexListSpecification) in string

! Each list of items in a group has various specifications
MyListGroupItems(indexInteger, indexInteger, webui::indexListItems) in string



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