PRO REST API: first increment has been released

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PRO REST API: first increment has been released

We released our first increment of the new PRO REST API project. Our goal of this project is to give you ‘programmatic access’ to our PRO platform.

About this first increment:

  • It supports CRUD on Users, Groups and Apps. The last one might for example help you in your CI/CD projects.
  • It is documented using OpenAPI spec, so that you can automatically generate your client code.
  • It uses API-keys for authentication/authorization and there is a new page in the PRO Portal for generating and managing those API keys.
  • There is a small section in our documentation pages, because we believe we can rely on the OpenAPI spec:
  • Available only on our Azure Cloud Platform. If you want to take a look, ask for a test account on our Azure Cloud Platform (we are not yet servicing customers production accounts there, but exploring the PRO REST API is OK).

We hope you will take a look and share your feedback with us, so that we can make sure we build what you need.

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