Product Update - Expected WebUI features in AIMMS 4.90

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Dear Community,


I'm sure we can all agree that over the past four releases, the experience with Tabular Data Manipulation on WebUI has significantly improved.

We've made further progress and I'd like to share it with everyone:

  1. “Advanced Table Editing” as a formal General Available feature: This feature was first made available in AIMMS 4.87.1 as an Experimental Feature. Support for Block Selection, Block-Editing, and Copy-Paste capabilities were all implemented. Later we added the ability to Search&Find. We've been addressing the feedback we've gotten and making improvements. With the release of AIMMS 4.90, we formally establish this as a General Available feature and take it out of the experimental feature category.

  2. Table Header Sorting: Sorting is now supported in the Header cells of the Table widget. The behaviour is similar to how data can be sorted by Table Row or Column headers. Here, the elements of one of the sets involved in the table are sorted.

  Consider the following example where the data has four indexes:

If we choose for “Decreasing” sorting of the set Centers in the Columns Headers, then the table is sorted as follows:

Similarly, if we choose for “Decreasing” sorting of the set Factories in the Row Headers, then the table is sorted as follows:


We hope these features bring value to your application and further enhance your user experience.


Please leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments.



Team WebUI.

Thanks for sharing Madhu! When is the expected release date for 4.90?

Hi @Diego Perez-Urruti,

Thank you for showing enthusiasm.
We plan to release AIMMS 4.90 soon, well within this current November 2022 month.



Madhu Krishnappa

Dear Community,

I'm excited to announce that we just released AIMMS 4.90 version, which includes all the WebUI enhancements mentioned above as well as several others.

Please see the release notes for a complete list of what's included.

Enjoy AIMMS 4.90!



Madhu Krishnappa


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