Product Update - Expected WebUI features in next release!

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Product Update - Expected WebUI features in next release!

The below mentioned features are available with AIMMS version 4.80. Read more about the New Features.

Dear Community, 


We had mentioned a couple of new features in the previous product update. Apart from that, we have now extended the grid layout to the side panels as well. 

Also, the Side Panels now have the option to configure icons and icon colors on the tabs. Here is a preview of those two features.

  1. Side Panel Grid Pages: As part of improving the layout of the application and maintaining consistency, we have extended grid layout support to side panel pages as well. The process is the same as converting pages to the grid layout. You can also create and apply custom layouts, and utilize the space more efficiently.
    Side Panel Grid Page with Custom Layout

    We are also contemplating providing different sizes for the side panel. We encourage you to read through the topic


  2. Addition of `icon` and `iconcolor` properties in the side panel specification. We have introduced two extra properties in the SidePanelSpecification which allows you to now add icons and color to the icon for specific tabs.
    You can use the icon and color to depict and indicate some more information without the user having to open the tab.



We hope these features help further enhance the experience of your application and the happiness of your users..

Please leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments.



Team WebUI.

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