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Product Update - Features in recent WebUI releases

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Dear Community,

I’d like to highlight the WebUI enhancements introduced in the recent WebUI library releases. Here's a quick overview:


Enhancements to Table widget

  • Support for Store-Focus and Item-Actions on Header cells

The store focus mechanism has been extended to include row and column header cells. Now, when you click on a row or column header cell, the element parameters of the indices present in the clicked header cell will be updated.

Additionally, the Table widget now supports item actions when clicking in the row or column header of the table. For more details, refer to the documentation.

  • Support for HTML data on Table

Based on user feedback, we understood the need for presenting HTML content within tables. Previously, string content containing HTML tags was rendered as plain text, limiting the ability to display formatted information.

To address this, we introduced the webui::IsHtml annotation for String parameters. When set to True, the Table widget interprets HTML tags within the content, rendering it according to the markup instructions. This results in properly formatted text being displayed, enhancing the presentation of table data. For more details, refer to the documentation.

Additionally, we now support custom display text, including HTML content, for Identifiers and Indices. For more detailed information, refer to the documentation.

  • Enhancement to the Copy-Paste functionality

The Table widget now allows copying content from a single cell and pasting it onto a block of cells or multiple scattered cells.

  • Support for Table filtering on Dialog page

It is now possible to use Table filtering on Table widgets that are displayed on a Dialog page.


New “Tabbed” widget type

We have created a new widget type, called the ‘Tabbed Widget’. This widget allows you to show multiple pages inside a single widget, as separate tabs. This can serve as a cleaner solution than using hidden widgets on a page, as it allows you to display anything you need within the same space on a WebUI page, depending on the context. For full details, please see the documentation.



  • Pre-defined identifier webui::ClientBrowserLanguage

The WebUI library now includes the webui::ClientBrowserLanguage pre-defined identifier, which provides information about the customer’s browser language. App developers can leverage this information to deliver language-specific content in the UI. For details, please see the documentation.


We hope these features enhance your applications and contribute to an even better user experience.


Your feedback and suggestions are highly valued, so please share them in the comments.



Madhu Krishnappa
AIMMS WebUI Product Owner

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