Product Update - November 2020

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Product Update - November 2020

Product Update - November 2020: AIMMS Academy, ODH-CPLEX webinar, WebUI and Network Design news


This post is an archive of the Product Update email sent by AIMMS Product Owner, @Gertjan de Lange.

We have great news this month, including:

  • The launch of our new training and certification platform: AIMMS Academy!
  • New in the AIMMS WebUI and SC Navigator.
  • An upcoming webinar where you can learn more about ODH-CPLEX. 

Become a Certified AIMMS User 



AIMMS Academy is officially live! We are very excited to bring you this new learning center. AIMMS Academy will offer courses for all AIMMS users, from beginners to expert modelers. It helps you:

  • Develop your modeling skills
  • Improve team collaboration with AIMMS feature
  • Advance your career through certifications

Browse available courses and follow trainings at your own pace. You can expect advanced courses and trainings covering all AIMMS domains, from supply chain planning to modeling, UI and deployment. 

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AIMMS WebUI Roadmap Update


We are currently making further improvements in our Application management tooling. First, we are adjusting the Page Layout for Dialog pages and Side Panels (for pages this is already available as an experimental feature in AIMMS 4.76). Second, we are extending the current Page manager into an App Management tool to allow you to manage pages and easily copy, rename and move widgets between them (see preview below). 


Webinar: Improve Runtimes with ODH-CPLEX


As mentioned in last month's update, we have seen significant improvements in runtime for customers using ODH-CPLEX in the AIMMS Platform. To help you learn more about this add-on, we have invited its creators, Optimization Direct, for an upcoming webinar. Join us on Thursday, December 10 at 8 AM PST/ 11 AM EST/ 5 PM CET. If you can't make it, sign up anyway to get the recording. We will cover: 

  • Examples of problems that might benefit from using ODH-CPLEX
  • Computational examples of ODH-CPLEX
  • A demo of an actual use case running ODH-CPLEX

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New in AIMMS SC Navigator



We recently released two new features in AIMMS Network Design

  • Stepwise transport cost functions: this gives the user greater flexibility when specifying transport costs. For example, volume based pricing discounts, take or pay arrangements, and costing applied to combined transport constraints. 
  • Data separation: it is now possible to separate data in different schemas in the database. For example, if you wish to separate data between 2 business units. 

Watch this space! In our next release, we plan to upgrade the user experience of both the Network Design and Center of Gravity Apps. 


Gertjan de Lange
Product Owner

I am using AIMMS 4.77. But am not able to see the Application Manager OR move widgets between different pages. Is there any kind activation required?

@Hussain Kharodawala, we only offered the Page Layout so far. The new App Management feature that allows you to eg copy widgets and move widgets between pages can be expected in the next release. It will be offered as an experimental feature.


All current experimental WebUI features can be found here: 

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