Product Update - WebUI features in AIMMS 4.96

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Dear Community,


We want to take a moment to remind you about the latest enhancements introduced in the most recent AIMMS 4.96.1 version, which you may already be familiar with. Here's a quick recap:

The AIMMS 4.96.1 version, released in June 2023, included the following features:

  • Current Widget Named View Model Configurable

We have extended the functionality of the Widget Named View feature, which was introduced in AIMMS 4.95. Now, you can specify the Current View using an element parameter in the model. This enhancement enables app developers to dynamically adjust the view presented to end users based on their interactions with the app. For more detailed information, please refer to the documentation.

  • Upload/Download via Widget and Item Actions

While the existing Upload and Download widgets are incredibly useful, they occupy a certain amount of space on your page. Additionally, there are situations where you might want to integrate upload or download actions more closely with specific widgets in your WebUI App. To address this, we have extended the functionality of Widget Actions and Item Actions features to include the capability to upload or download a file. Further details can be found in the documentation.

  • Procedures With Optional Arguments in WebUI

Previously, it was only possible to call procedures from WebUI buttons that did not have any arguments. This limitation existed because there was no way to specify argument values to pass. However, we have now enabled the calling of procedures with only optional arguments from WebUI buttons as well. When invoked, the default argument values will be utilized.


We sincerely hope that these features enhance your applications and contribute to an even better user experience.

We encourage you to share your feedback and suggestions in the comments.



Team WebUI.

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