Roadmap Update - Coming soon in next AIMMS feature release

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Roadmap Update - Coming soon in next AIMMS feature release

Updated: Selection Box V2 was not part of the 4.79 release and is removed from this list. We have moved it to the next release.

Hi Community,

Here is a preview of some of the new features / additions to the WebUI you can expect as part of the next release.

  1. Download Image - PNG (Experimental Feature)
    Users can now save snapshots of the widgets or the application using this feature. Read more here to know the widgets and how the feature will work.
  2. String parameter support in Text widgets - Ability to specify a string parameter that has HTML content, in a text widget. This allows developers to read from a file and represent the data in the text widget using the string parameter sliced on a certain condition.
  3. Custom HTML Tooltips for Table Header and X-Axis elements for Bar, Line, and Bar-Line Charts 
    Similar to how custom tooltips can be added to the data and elements of the widgets, You can now add a ``TooltipsIdentifier`` attribute to the set and the HTML tooltips defined in the specified string parameter is rendered for those elements on the Table header and the 3 charts.



We hope these features add more value to your applications and further enhance the experience.


Please leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments.



Team WebUI.

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