SC Navigator 4.04.01

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SC Navigator 4.04.01

Date October 23, 2023

  • New Features

    • The Center of Gravity App has been integrated into the SC Navigator App. This brings a streamlined process enabling analyzing Centers of Gravity within the same dataset and application.

    • When there is a circular flow in the solution, a new page "Circular Flows" will show up. This page will help you finding the cause of the circular flow, such that it can be fixed in the input data.

  • Improvements

    • On page Scenario - Control Panel, more attributes can be handled.

    • On page Results, colors of the node types have been changed to colors used in Network Design, and their icons also have changed for easier identification.

    • On page Results, the View options side panel now shows the colored icons in the Filter By Node Type widget. This allows you to quickly identify the node type of nodes on the Results map.

    • On page Data - Manage Data, the Scenarios table now includes an auto-generated scenario summary. This summary provides quick insights into each scenario without additional loading actions. The Save Scenario Dialog and the Load Scenario Dialog show this summary as well. Please note that the summary is only available for new scenarios.

    • Data validation has been added in case the Average Load Size data is missing for a row with Cost Per Distance / Cost Per Trip / Minimum Cost Per Trip.

  • Bug Fixes

    • The list of Result Datasets that are generated during a batch solve, was not displayed correctly.

    • The changes made in version 4.03.04 with respect to the E2E volumes could result in very slow performance in some instances. This new version will be faster than before, although it will be slower than before 4.03.04.

    • The following data validation messages will no longer occur when the Available data is missing for a row with a curly bracket group in it: "WARNING: There are one or more attributes defined for (<combination including a curly bracket group>). However, this <warehouse/supplier> is not available for this product. You can make it available by specifying the 'Available' attribute on sheet '<Warehouse/Supplier (Product)>'."

    • The data validation for Base Case Volumes now shows an error when Base Case Volumes on a last mile lane are different from the sum of demands at the customer location where the lane goes to.

    • On page Results - Transport, the charts incorrectly displayed a duplicate transportation volume due to the inclusion of both product groups and individual products in the calculation of transportation data.

    • On page Data - Transport, the Custom Objective input data for transport step was not visible when the data was not (yet) saved to the database.

    • On page Scenario - Transport, the Relative Change value was not being applied properly.

    • On page Scenario - Production, the adjustment data related to the Bill of Resource data was not being saved correctly.

    • On page Data - Warehouse, in the Inventory (Product) Data tables the Force Open and Force Close columns are now always visible.

    • On dialog page Custom Objective settings, the 'Include in model objective' variable can now only have binary values.

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