SC Navigator 4.05.01

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SC Navigator 4.05.01

Date November 30, 2023

  • New Features

    • From this version on, data can be stored in Parquet files in Azure Data Lake Storage. Using Parquet files allows for easier integration with other systems in your organization. Furthermore, reading and writing datasets can be faster, especially for larger datasets. We will contact you to plan when we will setup Data Lake Storage and convert your existing database to Parquet files.

  • Improvements

    • Data validation has been added for the case when the Maximum # of Source Locations data for customers is provided on the Product Location sheet. Please make sure to provide the Maximum # of Source Locations data for customers on the Customer Product Data sheet instead.

    • The generated summary for scenarios has been improved to provide a clearer representation of the contents within each scenario.

    • On page Results - Transport, the Rate Card Band results are now visible.

    • On page Results - End To End, filters now operate independently from the filters on other pages, providing increased flexibility to alter the view. Additionally, a filtered icon indicator has been added for enhanced visibility.

  • Bug Fixes

    • In the Batch Run functionality, an error could occur when the solution was being saved to the database and the auto-generated scenario name was excessively long. As a result, the batch run process came to a halt because the long name could not be stored in the database. Now the app is able to automatically truncate the name into a shorter text, and include the original name as description.

    • When comparing Results datasets, the KPI Summary dialog now shows the Results datasets in the columns instead of the rows in a table.

    • On page Control Panel, the Model Control table now displays the section separation lines well when comparing multiple (newly saved) Results datasets.

    • On page Data - Transport, in the Transportation Data table the Force Open and Force Close columns are now always visible.

    • On page Results - Customer, the unserved demand is excluded from the lead time violation and the drive time distribution. In this case the drive time is not shown (zero).

    • On page Results - Customer, if the demand is transported to a customer with zero distance, the drive time was incorrectly -inf. Now in this case the drive time is not shown (meaning: it is zero).

    • When using side panel filters, the count of the Select/Deselect buttons were inaccurate and the clicking on the Deselect button would give an error message.

    • On page Results, the tooltip for nodes on the map now shows the location description if the Use Description Location attribute is set.

    • On page Data - Manage Data, when deleting one or more items, the text in the confirmation dialog is more accurate.

    • On page Results - Production, clicking on a production in the bottom left chart, did not update the other charts based on this selection.

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