Status bar pre-release available

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Status bar pre-release available

I like to inform you that I am making a pre-release available so you can try out the new upcoming Status Bar feature as e.g. discussed in and in our previous Product Update


The new Status Bar allows you to dynamically set the content in the sticky bar at the bottom (new UX only) that will be showing regardless of page switches. Ideal for items that need to be shown continuously. The items can also have a procedure call added to e.g. open a DialogPage to display details on the status item (see examples video in release folder). If you are running asynchronous solves, you can also update this items during a callback. Sure you find many other ways to use this.

Of course, this feature and use cases will also be added to our AIMMS Design System (


The pre-release, the release conditions, and current documentation can be found here. Of course, you need to have an actively maintained license to try it out.


Please add your feedback - do include screendumps as we love to see what you can build - as a reply to this post. Happy building!




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