Tables Totals, what to do?

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Tables Totals, what to do?
There has been quite some discussions on the Totals of a table in the AIMMS WebUI. At this moment, you can select out of 5 options (Sum, Mean, Count, Min and Max) and AIMMS will calculate the respective row/column totals. However, the totals are based on all values that exist in the identifier, so filters and/or display domain settings are not considered (so it's not a 'subtotal', a termed used in Excel). In many situations this is either unclear or unwanted, in some it is fine.

We now wonder if we should:

  1. Add a set of new totals that are the actual totals of what is displayed based on filtering and display domain setting (hence the subtotal). Benefit, you can also show the comparison between the totals of values seen and all value.
  2. Adjust the current set of totals to be actually the subtotals of what is displayed.

If we would do 2, the only thing that would change is the value we calculate.

If we would do 1, we would need to find a proper header for both totals (e.g. 'sum' and 'sum (all)' for respectively the total sum of what is visible and the total sum of the dense identifier for that slice).

In the example below, the subtotal sum for Portland column should be 62.70 and subtotal count 2.

Any thoughts on PREFERENCE (replace existing or add new) and on NAMING the total operators in case we extend the set so it display nicely in the table? Please comment below.

I think I would only be interested in seeing the subtotals (option 2).

Regarding the naming (option 1), I would use "sum" and "total sum". When this option would be implemented, it would be nice to be able to choose which summation to show (not only 0 sums or 2 sums).

In addition, I would be interested in switching the summation on/off for particular identifiers. I have some tables where distance and speed are shown next to each other. In that table, I would only like to sum distance, since summing speed doesn't make sense.
Hi Gertjan,

For me it would be logical to see the subtotals (option 2), so that the information shown in the rows corresponds to the total value

If I would need to compare total and subtotal (option 1), I would prefer to show it in a separate (more compact) widget.

Another thing that I run into with the tables, is that when sets are becoming large, I would like to be able place the Total as the first row/column, instead of the last one. Not sure if you are also looking into that.
This sprint we have extended the Totals functionality so that you can choose whether you like to calculate the total for ALL for only visible items. You can expect this to be available in the next release. We did not yet consider the positioning @tbulavskaya; thanks for sharing the suggestion.

Release will take place in 4.70. Taking a while as it was done just after we released 4.69 and could not do this via a hotfix. Please stay tuned!

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