User Content Roadmap

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User Content Roadmap

I have been invited to share a roadmap for the User Content! So, this is what we are planning for the year.


E-learning platform (AIMMS Academy)

For those familiar with our introductory course in Linear Programming, you'll be glad to know we are very close to releasing the second step in this program. The full scope of this journey will guide you in the set of skills required to build a very complete application - our fictitious Water Bottling company distribution optimization. This Water Bottling journey was created as a background for a full course in AIMMS. In it, you are part of analytics team of the company and need to apply your knowledge to help sourcing, distribution, marketing and sales in improving their decision making process within a water distribution company.

From the conceptualizing of the model, to implementation and enhancing features, adding a UI and integrating to different sources. This part of the journey picks off from where we stopped and looks at more complex, higher dimensional data structures. It also introduces important UI and integration techniques.

In addition to this, we have other courses on the way:

  • My first WebUI App – This will be a starter course on WebUI, just as we have for “My first AIMMS App”.
  • My intermediate AIMMS App - Also a continuation, picks off from our first My First AIMMS APP
  • The third instalment of the Water bottling journey.
  • Storytelling with Graphs - A conceptual and practical view of how to improve the use of graphs in applications.

Examples and Demos

We have been developing our D³ - Definitive Dynamic Demos – a collection of open-sourced apps that dive deeper into a specific optimization problem.

These app’s are truly focused on being a starting point for developers that wants to create their own solution or a powerful demonstration tool for pre-sales.

We will launch the first of the series very soon – F³ - Fantastic Furniture Factory – a production scheduling tool with several levels of complexity.

We also are planning 3 additional demo’s during the year, focused on other optimization problems.

They will also accompany with some documentation and video tutorials.


Documentation and How To

On the How-to initiative, we have added many articles during Q1 and will continue to do so during the year. Our priorities lie in addressing items that customers recurring request. Our intention is to accelerate problem resolution through examples- based articles.

Here are the more recent ones:

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