WebUI becomes an AIMMS Repository Library

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In order to optimize our AIMMS releases we are separating the WebUI component from the AIMMS engine. From AIMMS version 24.4 and onwards the WebUI will become a repository library instead of a system library. This means that WebUI will not be included by default anymore in the upcoming AIMMS releases and will have a separate release cycle.   


How you are going to experience it?   


For WebUI applications, developed in AIMMS versions older than 24.4  


Upon your first opening of your WebUI app, developed in a version older than AIMMS 24.4, the WebUI repository library will be downloaded and you will see this message:   


It is important to save the project.   

If the project has not been saved you will be prompted to do it once more upon closing or upon going to the Library manager, seeing this message:   



 In the library manager itself you will see WebUI already as a part of your Repository libraries:   


If you are about to publish the project on PRO in version 24.4 or later, you need to make sure you export the .aimmspack in version 24.4 or later.   


For new applications you are creating in AIMMS 24.4 and later  


Upon creating your project you will still need to choose between WebUI and WinUI:  


  Upon choosing WebUI, the WebUI repository library will be added to your project:  




  • In order for the above process to happen smoothly you need to have Internet connection and access to https://library-repository.aimms.com

  • In case you upload onto the PRO portal an .aimmspack in version 24.4 or later, but exported in a version older than 24.4, you will have the following error message when you try running the application:   



If you have any further questions please contact us on support@aimms.com.


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