AIMMS 4.66.2 Release is the latest version and has been released last week

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AIMMS 4.66.2 Release

The AIMMS 4.66.2 Release was released on May 17, 2019 (build Changes made in this release are listed below. A high level overview can be found at the AIMMS New Features Page.

Resolved AIMMS Issues
  • CPLEX errors could be generated if the model contained indicator constraints and the CPLEX option 'Check solution' was switched on.
  • Sometimes an incorrect unit analysis warning was triggered, when the units involved unit parameters.
  • Using the loopcount in the condition of a For statement could lead to a severe compilation error.
  • The specification ">t8i" in the FormatString caused an error when the actual value to display was equal to 0.
  • When a multi-dimensional identifier was written without parentheses where that was not expected, AIMMS would sometimes crash instead of raising a compilation error.
  • In rare cases, when the WebUI was open, AIMMS would hang during compilation (showing the 'Scanning' status).
  • High dimensional identifiers leaked memory when closing the model (but not AIMMS).
Resolved WebUI Issues
  • Sometimes identifiers which should display were hidden on a page.
  • Zooming in the map widget using the mouse would sometimes also scroll the whole page.
  • Earlier, if the node size for a set of nodes was the same, the map would consider the value in the set with node radius ranging from 3 to 10, i.e any value 3 and below would take node radius as 3, 10 and above as 10 and the rest the absolute value 4-9. We have now increased the max size to 21.25, so node size 3 and below will be radius 3, 4 to 21 that absolute value and 21 and above radius 21.25.
  • Having a domain condition which only involved an element parameter, could lead to the associated identifier not being displayed in the WebUI.
  • Using custom widget positions could lead to unexpected rendering of your WebUI when resizing the screen.
  • In the Selection box widget, the order of the elements displayed in the selection list was not always as expected.
  • When running a procedure (by pressing a button on the WebUI) and having the Data Manager still open, could lead to a message stating that 'another procedure is already running'.

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