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  • 1 March 2024
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Whiteboard in SC Navigator

Hi all, I am very happy to share a new feature which is available for all SC Navigator users: Whiteboard.

Users start by drawing the supply chain network just like you would with a marker on a physical whiteboard, except the whiteboard is made available digitally within SC Navigator. The feature allows users to draw a digital version of the network by using rectangle shapes for entities such as – suppliers, production facilities, warehouses, and customers, and connection lines for transport lanes. Additional data, like capacity and costs, can be easily attributed to an entity via a table.

Once done, with a click of a button, the drawing and tables are translated into rows and columns in an Excel template. The Excel template can be uploaded into SC Navigator and all entities and transportation lanes are visualized on a map, ready to be optimized.

Have you tried Whiteboard already? I am very curious to know what you think!

4 replies

Seems pretty cool! Is it only available for the SC Navigator app? Is it planned to be available as a widget for WebUI app development?

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Hi @lucas.perini,
I'm excited to share that the new Diagram widget type, which was developed for the AIMMS SC-Navigator Whiteboard feature, will be included in its current version in the upcoming AIMMS 24.3 feature release.

I'm currently preparing the features for release and drafting a Product Update - WebUI Features post that will provide more details about the exciting features scheduled for the upcoming release.

I'll keep you all posted on any updates as they become available.


Madhu Krishnappa

AIMMS WebUI Product Owner

The whiteboard feature is very good visual and interactive starting point for new user. 

It looks great!!!

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Thanks @Jack Yang!


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