Optimizing Brazilian Supply Chains: Navigating Tax Regulations with AIMMS SC Navigator

  • 21 January 2024
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Brazil’s tax system poses a daunting challenge for companies due to its intricate regulations, multiple layers of taxes, and diverse regional variations. The vastness of the country leads to significant regional disparities where states and municipalities boast distinct tax incentives, rates, and regulations. This diversity complicates efforts for companies operating across multiple regions to unify and streamline their tax strategies effectively.


AIMMS’ focus on Brazil’s tax challenges

AIMMS serves companies either based in Brazil or actively engaged in business within the country. Discovering unique solutions for navigating the intricate Brazilian tax landscape has, therefore, been a focal point for AIMMS, reflecting a commitment to addressing the complexities of this particular system.


Our journey began with the development of functionality tailored to handle refundable taxes – a distinctive feature within Brazil’s tax framework. Partnering closely with a major chemical enterprise, we engaged in a collaborative effort to craft solutions for this intricate tax scenario.



Unlike conventional tax structures where taxes are straightforward expenses, Brazil introduced a system where certain taxes are subject to refunds under specific conditions. This dynamic creates a nuanced challenge in optimization since the advantages of tax benefits often outweigh typical logistical costs, adding layers of complexity to the broader cost analysis.

Simplifying this multifaceted issue, two primary options emerge:

  1. No reimbursement – Tax payable equals the maximum of zero or the difference between total debit and total credit.
  2. Invariably paying – Tax payable is the absolute value of the variance between total debit and total credit.

Use cases of this functionality

Multiple clients have successfully utilized the specialized functionality integrated into SC Navigator, effectively molding their Brazilian supply chain networks to navigate the complexities of the tax system, and turning challenges into advantages.

Among these clients are a chemical enterprise and a Dutch multinational specializing in paints and varnishes, both streamlining operations within their Brazilian Business Units (BUs) to optimize refundable taxes.

Additionally, a Brazilian fuels company has adeptly leveraged this tool to overhaul its supply chain strategy in response to governmental regulatory changes. This transition from Brazil’s refundable tax system to more conventional tax models underscores the adaptability and effectiveness of SC Navigator in dynamic regulatory environments.

Explore AIMMS SC Navigator for your operations

AIMMS SC Navigator can provide personalized solutions for navigating Brazil’s tax system and turning challenges into advantages. For more insights into how the application can support your supply chain operations, feel free to contact us for a personalized demo.





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