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Changing text sizes, bold/italic/ colors dynamically

  • 6 February 2020
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I’m looking for a widget in where you can change text sizes / colors etc. 

The text widget is perfect for doing this. However, when the application is opened via PRO, the user is not able to change anything in this widget.

So I tried a scalar widget, there it is possible to change the text but the styling of the widget is fixed.

I would be happy if;

  1. It is possible to change the styling of the scalar widget
  2. it is possible to change the text widget in the pro environment

The reason for this request is that the customer is showing the tool during a meeting and he wants to add key notes to the pages.

3 replies

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Hello Olmo

Thanks for asking and thanks for adding the use case; that is very helpful. Interestingly, we have thought about this a few times, but in a broader sense. To give more context, we talked about the ability to add textual annotation by users to improve collaboration; see which users are active, read notes later on etc. 


We have tested the idea to a group of customers as we thought it would be really valuable and this item disappeared as not being important or came last on the list. Items that were much more important were (on WebUI Site):

  • Workflow Support
  • Improved Page Layout
  • Widget Management Improvements
  • Extend widget set and some of the request you and other mention in other posts (bar-line chart, legend, block copy/past in table)
  • etc.

So at this point, we agreed to let this subject go and focus on the above. 

However, listening to your need, it seems you ‘only’ need to be able to give the user the power to add some notes that are a little more styled. Of course, the latter would be good to learn about. 

BTW: I don’t think Text Widgets are your answer as they are not persistent with respect to updates of Apps would the end user even be able to change as it’s not connected to any identifier (to store). Scalars are (and we see customer add remarks and notes in that way; or they use tables - e.g. in tabular overview of data changes, self-created warnings etc.). 

Then my ask is, who should be able to change the styling? Is that the developer prepping the App. And if so, what changes do you envision?


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Then my ask is, who should be able to change the styling? Is that the developer prepping the App. And if so, what changes do you envision?

The main person who changes the notes are analysts.  And the final touch is done by a supply chain manager.

The notes are based on the graphs / tables/ line charts which are visible on the pages. 

For example;

 - Shipments between regions

-Gaps between demand & supply

-Summary of the last quarter




Hi @OlmoVerhagen 

I have moved your post to the product ideas section as this conversation seems to be headed more in the direction of a feature request.



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