Two step verification login access for PRO portal

  • 24 November 2020
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Hi all,


Data security is always top of mind for a lot of companies of course and therefore also when using AIMMS apps. Therefore I would like to pitch the idea of a two-step verification method for the PRO portal.

We as a company are working with SAML access for the PRO portal for our own employees and therefore securing two-step verification. But we also work together with consultants. They also need access to the PRO portal, but can’t get a company identity. The only option there is now is creating a user profile for them with only a password as a security measure. Therefore I would like to see two-step verification as an option for the PRO portal, such that any data accessible through the Apps in the PRO portal is more secure.

2 replies

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This is on my wishlist as well

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You guys are absolutely right: MFA is important for the AIMMS PRO portal. And we will add that.

We are currently exploring 3rd party authentication components/services and open protocols, as we prefer to use existing, proven solutions, rather than build something ourselves. 

At this moment I do not have an accurate forecast when this will be in, as we are still exploring and there are a few big things we need to finish first. My best forecast now is ‘2021’. Sorry I cannot be more precise. 

Jan Willem van Crevel, as Product Owner PRO/Cloud, AIMMS 


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