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Immediate Supply Chain Actions to Take Amid COVID-19

  • 20 March 2020
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Immediate Supply Chain Actions to Take Amid COVID-19
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There are many impacts of COVID-19 that will be felt by Supply Chains in the coming weeks and months.

As advised by McKinsey, in the next 2-4 weeks it is critical for companies to understand the exposure throughout their value chain, take actions to address anticipated shortages and ensure resources requirements to restart.  

Supply chain planning tools like AIMMS SC Navigator can be used to directly address many of these impacts and help businesses recover quickly from losses. 

We hope that this series of articles gives you some direction - and we welcome your comments and advice from experiences relating to these challenges.


Understand Exposure

Study 1: Anticipate Best- and Worst-Case Operations Scenarios

Study 2: Inspect Demand Trends


Anticipate Shortages

Study 3: Identify Optimal Sourcing Locations


Ensure Resource Requirements

Study 4: Create Multiple Plans for Resource Utilization

Study 5: Refine Capacity Smoothing

Study 6: Accelerate Adoption of Relevant Customer Channels


We encourage you to study these scenarios with whatever tools you have available.

If you would like to contact an AIMMS expert to find out if SC Navigator is a good fit, please reach out to one of our Customer Success Managers.

You are welcome to share your findings, or suggestions for other scenarios to study. By sharing experiences, our body of knowledge can grow and help others.

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