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  • 20 March 2020
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Study 1: Anticipate Best- and Worst-Case Operations Scenarios


This study can help you understand exposure in your supply chain.


Impact – 

Prolonged shutdowns will have both financial and operation implications, which are often very difficult to realize due to the complexity and far-reaching nature of supply chains.  

Action – 

Scenario planning is the key to understanding the many repercussions of sudden changes in demand and operations. Multiple best/worst case scenarios should be run under different demand conditions to study its impact on your supply chain. This can help expose any vulnerabilities in the network and take business a step closer towards preparedness.   

How – 

AIMMS Network Design Navigator allows users to adjust demand for unique customers, locations and products. This means that you can target very specific parts of your demand data and dynamically run different scenarios in those conditions to measure its effect. On top of this, after demand has been adjusted, demand simulations can be run to study the behavior of your resources over time as demand continues to increase or decrease.  


Demo – 


Adjusting Demand in Network Design Navigator


Demand Simulation in Network Design Navigator


This article is part of the series Immediate Supply Chain Actions to Take Amid COVID-19

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