Adding whitespace to headers in a WebUI table widget

  • 15 April 2024
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Wanted to share an exchange I had with a customer since it may be useful for others:


---------- question ---------

Dear Aimms Support, Luis,

We have the following case:

In the WinUI we have some tables where we have a total row and below that the categories of that total row. For example we have the "Total days" which consists of the sum of other lines.

To make it easier to distinguish between the categories and the total, we would like to add a tab/space before the categories. If I add this to the text of the identifier, the spaces will be removed in the WebUI.

So my question is, is it possible to add spaces at the beginning of the identifier text? If not, what are the other options in this case?

Kind regards,


---------- answer ---------


Yes, you can do this.

Here is an example project:


Procedure pr_naming {
Body: {
webui::IdentifierElementText('p_test') := "test";
webui::IdentifierElementText('p_test2') := "   test2";

DeclarationSection __unnamed {
Parameter p_test {
Definition: 10;
Parameter p_test2 {
Definition: 20;


And the screenshot of the application:



So, basically, you need to add a   for whitespaces.


Best regards,

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