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  • 26 March 2020
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I would like to create a project with AIMMS about transport problems. All my figures are in an excel table. How can I rearrange my table for use in AIMMS? 
I have successfully added the AIMMS tool to my Excel spreadsheet. 
Thank you in advance.


Best answer by Jess Es 4 April 2020, 00:53

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3 replies

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Hi @Steve Randy 

You may want to look at using the AIMMS Excel Library (axll) functions (also )

This should give you enough flexibility to read in the parts that you want to use without much rearranging.

I should note that I’m a docs specialist, not support specialist - but this should help you get started anyway :)

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Hi @Steve Randy , the suggestion @Jess Es provides you allows you to , from AIMMS read data into your model and write back data to Excel. 

Thanks for your advices :) 



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