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  • 15 June 2021
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I am wondering if it is possible to disable end-user filtering in one specific table in the UI?

The use case as follows: the user needs to be able to do mass changes on a specific parameter displayed in the a table. The idea is that by filtering through a few multiselect widgets the user can define which rows are displayed in the table, and then via buttons or widget actions apply the mass changes.

To avoid the confusion for the user, I want to restict the user from applying end-user filtering, since this will not work appropriately with the mass change procedures.


Best answer by Pratap Kumble 17 June 2021, 13:17

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4 replies

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Hi @tbulavskaya


There is no option to hide/disable end-user filtering as of now. This maybe something we could consider. This is the first request to hide the option. :)


You can however add custom CSS to hide the option. 

ul.filter-items {
display: none;

Please note that this would hide the “Add Filter Rule” option across all tables in the application.


Hope this works!




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Hi Pratap,

Thank you, the CSS route is fine! Do you think there is way to hide this option only for a specific table or for a specific page?

I have tries with .tag-table[data-widget\.uri="WidgetName"] in front, but that doesn't see to work.



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Hi @tbulavskaya , 

Unfortunately this can’t be done for a specific table.

There is another trick for targeting a specific table, but the downside being you will lose all click events, eg: sorting, row/column resizing by dragging.


.tag-table[data-widget\.uri="Simple Data"] .titleheader-viewport .header-titles .cell.rowheader-title,
.tag-table[data-widget\.uri="Simple Data"] .titleheader-viewport .header-titles .cell.colheader-title,
.tag-table[data-widget\.uri="Simple Data"] .colheader-viewport tr:last-child .cell,
.tag-table[data-widget\.uri="Simple Data"] .rowheader-viewport tr .cell:last-child
pointer-events: none;


Please let me know if this works for you.




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Thanks Pratap, for this case this works! :)


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