Gantt chart: multiple selection

  • 16 July 2019
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Is it possible to select not only one but more tasks on the WEBUI Gantt-chart? I couldn't find any description about that. Does somebody have any infos about that?

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Hello @zsofia.varga , the gantt chart (and WebUI in general) does not support multiple selections as of now.

May I ask what is your use case here ?

Here is a workflow that could work for you.
  1. In widget actions, have a button to Enter / Exit selection mode. This procedure will trigger a binary parameter which will represent the status of the selection mode.
  2. Have an upon change procedure on the store focus element parameter in the gantt chart. If in selection mode, this procedure will mark the selection in an auxiliary parameter (an assignment statement). You can also change the color of the bar representing that this job has been selected or a table which shows the list of jobs selected so far.
  3. Provide widget actions to do something with all the selected objects.
  4. When you exit selection mode, reset the selection parameter / colors to the default colors.
Hi Mohan,

thanks for the answer. We would like to create a multiple drag and drop on the Gantt-chart. For the coloring and other function (delete) I will try this method you mentioned.



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